Two friends are out walking their dogs together. They pass a restaurant and one of them says, "That smells amazing! Let's get something to eat."

The friend complains, "That would be great, but we can't take our dogs in. What are we going to do with them?"

The man puts on a pair of sunglasses and says, "Follow my lead."

As he walks into the restaurant, the waiter stops him and says, "You cannot bring dogs in here, Sir".

The man responds, offended, "Excuse me, but I am blind. This labrador is my seeing-eye dog."

The woman follows with her sunglasses on and her dog in tow. Again the waiter says there are no dogs allowed.

"He's my seeing-eye dog," the woman replies.

"Yeah, right,” the waiter says, “A chihuahua? Give me a break."

Without missing a beat, the woman replies, "What? They gave me a chihuahua?!"