Renovating your bathroom can be an extremely daunting task, so before you gut the tiles and head to the shops to spend, spend, spend, take these tips into account:

Mood board it!

It sounds clichéd, but collect pictures and make a Pinterest board of bathrooms you love. After a few pictures are in your folder, you will notice a pattern of key elements that appeal to you. That way you have something to start with.

Choose your fixtures carefully

There’s really no point redoing your entire bathroom only to end with ugly fittings. Get fixtures that work with your space - elegant fittings result in an elegant bathroom.

Sit in your bath before buying it

Believe it or not, some baths are really uncomfortable and nothing can be worse than that! Don’t be shy to lie in the bath in the showroom. That way you will be aware of plug and tap placements – things you won’t necessarily pick up by simply looking at the tub.

Think about your flooring

Go for durable flooring and surfaces that offer natural warmth rather than cold surfaces. If you are thinking of underfloor heating, make sure your surface can handle the extra heat.

It’s all in the finishes

Think about toothbrush holders, candlesticks and laundry baskets. All of these small elements have a great effect on the overall feel