1. Restyle Your Shelves You won’t believe the difference moving things around can make. Remember to mix things up by using books and ornaments on your shelves. De-cluttering is always a great idea. Get rid of those dust-gathering knick-knacks that you don’t really like and are wasting shelf space.
  2. Add A Pop of Colour Adding one bright element can uplift an entire room. Add fun, bright, new cushions that won’t cost a fortune.
  3. Fresh Flowers Do the Trick The easiest way to refresh is to add something fresh to your home. Yes, buying flowers can be an indulgence but use your garden for some fresh greenery and you will be amazed at the effect. You don’t always need a full bloom; fresh leaves will work just as well.
  4. Change Your Throws Go around your house and collect all the throws, from the bedroom to the lounge and put them in a big pile. Then start again, moving them around. Layer two or three on your bed for new luxury (remember to play with colour tones and textures). In your lounge, add a new colour and texture to what used to hang over your couch.
  5. Pack Away If you have a number of items, like vases, de-clutter by packing them away for a while. The new space will look light and airy and give you a different feel. Source: http//www.dailyfix.co.za