If you’re moving from a large house into a small abode, here are tips on how to downsize without compromising on style! Moving into a small home has many advantages – including less cleaning and maintenance. However, the process may not be easy for the sentimental. Here are a few tips to help make moving into a smaller home as painless as possible. Think like a designer It’s hard to part with furniture that you`ve relied on for years but, moving into a smaller home means there might not be space for everything. On a positive note, it’s an excuse to redecorate! To start, measure each room in the new home and draw up a floor-plan for each space Look at the scale of your furniture in relation to the size of the room. This will help you decide on pieces of furniture that absolutely have to go or whether you need to buy new furniture altogether. Lift it off the floor If you’re starting on a clean slate with new furniture, consider pieces that are raised off the ground. A sofa on legs will help make a room feel open by allowing natural light to shine underneath. And, instead of book-cases, install wall shelves to free up floor space. Match light tones In small spaces, use light tones for walls, floors and window treatments. Match the shade for a seamless look that will help make the space feel larger. Read more at www.all4women.co.za