Have a light bulb moment with these tips that will not only save you money on your monthly electricity bill, but will also reduce your carbon footprint. Watch the wattage Not only does too much lighting waste power, it's also unnecessary in most instances. General, accent and task lighting may be considered the three aspects for lighting any room, but that doesn't mean they all have to be switched on at the same time. Bring down the wattage by using CFL or low-watt lighting options Light cleaning Use a feather duster to clean light bulbs. When dust builds up a dirty lamp or bulb can reduce the amount of light output by as much as half. And don't forget to clean and wipe ceiling light covers on a regular basis. Click of a switch If installing lighting in a large open-plan area, make sure that you also install switches to cover individual fittings, so that these can be switched off when not needed. And be sure to switch off lights when leaving a room. Romance the night A table lamp uses far less electricity than both general and accent lighting, so be bright and switch off the light and switch on the ambience. See the light Install motion sensor lights on exterior pathways so that lights only operate when needed. And today's modern solar light options are perfect for paths, so let the sun power your outdoor lighting. Read more at www.home-dzine.co.za